Unified group of Defense solution Integrator

Innovative solutions that are highly valued by users for its flexibility and competitiveness, allowing for the integration and centralization of all types of infrastructure security by using advanced IT technologies.


VEGA & ASOCIADOS team employs high technology-based IT engineers and local experts to integrate the system, software, hardware, and other solutions that cover all type of industries.


VEGA & ASOCIADOS sales worldwide team consists of former Military members from South Korea, the Dominican Republic, and the United States. Our sales team is focused on a government contract for the Ministry of Defense, the Navy, the Airforce, and the national police


VEGA & ASOCIADOS team have vast experience providing training and support for Military and Police personnel around the world.


VEGA & ASOCIADOS provides Systems Integration Services to customers with complex technology or security requirements. Our sales engineers have broad expertise in security & IT technology and experience in configuring all kinds of surveillance systems to their maximum potential. VEGA TEAM has provided professional surveillance solutions for business since 1997.


VEGA Defense Systems and Solutions is a joint business, a strategic partnership between solid partners. VEGA Defense provides a predictable, proven, and zero risk peformance to fulfill our customers’ missions of providing the most efficient and rapid response hardware integration solutions to support the Ministry of Defense and other military agencies..

We offer the best security training in the entire Dominican Republic and the Caribbean. Our offices are spread across vantage points in various cities around you. We will teach students firearms safety, marksmanship, firearms mechanics, and qualify them for the government permit. The NON-LETHAL COURSE, The Non-Lethal self-defense control methods training program includes management of aggressive behavior, OC spray, Electric Shock Gun (CEW), collapsible baton & handcuffing techniques. We have services that are for your benefit, which allow you to work right away after completing the training.


Focusing on high-performance computing and the latest network technology, VEGA TEAM is committed to helping customers build cutting-edge network infrastructure in the digital world. Integrating a wide range of technologies based on x86 and RISC architecture and our software expertise, VEGA TEAM’ network application platform is widely adopted in CDNs, cyber security, load balancers, uCPEs, routers, SD-WAN, edge computing, storage, GPON network, and other industrial network applications for business of all sizes.

VEGA & ASOCIADS.S.R.L sales believes in only employing quality manufacturers that exhibit a dedication to the production of quality products, work to enhance the industry they serve, and display a reputation of integrity and ethics. The product lines in this company are the leaders in their respective industries who are always in the pursuit of the most efficient and qualified products for our company.

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