VEGA TEAM goes to Border line of Dominican Republic & HAITI

Tons of network PTZ cameras protect the Border between Dominican Republic and HAITI. and provide strong security to the military check points.


Ministry of Defense in Dominican Republic is the government agency responsible for managing the border security between Dominican Republic and Haiti. The Ministry of Defense ’s main concern is how to control illegal Alien from Haiti. Most of cruel criminal is started from smuggling.

In 2019, Ministry of Defense signaled the need to install cameras to monitor the most of uncontrolled site of border area in rural, which are often subject to smuggling and criminals. In 2020, the need to protect people against crime, and the optimal results achieved by Ministry of Defense, led the government to decide to extend the installation of cameras throughout the most military check point, not just in the rural area.


To meet the security demands of the Ministry of Defense of Dominican Republic, VEGA & ASOCIADOS. S.R.L, the company that provides overall security consulting and product to Ministry of Defense studied and implemented various video surveillance solutions designed on the basis of required specifications and committed themselves to ISG group partners as the supplier of network cameras.


To date, more than 150 cameras have been installed for 1st initial phase, and the solution has proven itself to be fully satisfactory to all government involved. a strong control border security has been recorded thanks to the extremely sharp images captured by the cameras even in situations with limited visibility or difficult weather conditions.

From the main border gate to the rural area

The project was launched in Dejabon and was expanded to Tiroly  and 16 other locations (Aduanas, Carne Podrida, El Puentecito, Copey, Tamarindo, Santiago de la Cruz, Don Miguel, Fugon, Colonia Libertador, Manzanillo Port, Loma de Cabrera, Km14, Restauracion, Palmita, Villa Anacaona, Guayajayuco, Capotillo ).

The solution involved the creation of a 20 km long GPON fiber optic station of Fiber-OLT & 7Ghz licensed wireless Radio to connect the different points in the border area, which permits the remote maintenance of the entire system and the resolution of possible anomalies.

The VEGA TEAM’s network cameras were installed to monitor “sensitive” points such as border gate, check point, public place, and smuggling way, and to keep watch over the check point access roads to the military point, and were selected based on different requirements: road side or potential criminal locations, areas with dim lighting, and the need for remote control.

Some government agency wanted to monitor access to particular areas subject to road check point: the use of cameras permitted the monitoring of possible abuses of access and entries on the smuggling people or products,”
stated Mr.Jesus Roman, Managed overall project of border line

The monitoring of the access routes to the territory allows the creation of a recording of vehicle license plates used by law enforcement to meet any requirements relating to security and investigations. In relation to road safety, the placement of cameras at certain particularly dangerous behaviors allowed the dynamics of accidents to be clarified, even in the absence of eyewitnesses.

The cameras installed are of different types: for the first systems,  AXIS and  FLEXWATCH cameras were selected  as cameras for contexts  where the  day & night feature and Laser focus makes them capable of capturing high-quality images under all lighting conditions.

The monitoring and recording centers based on Milestone Xprotect VMS are spread around the Local military check point in the military base (‘Acopio’), while technical system supervision and maintenance is entrusted to MIDE (Ministry of Defense Central management); in this way, each ‘Acopio’ can independently monitor its own territory and use the system to intervene quickly in case of need, by delegating the management and maintenance activities to MIDE.

Sub-station monitoring center (ACOPIO), Videowall installation

The desire to continue the expansion of the system is undoubtedly the best testimony to the satisfaction of the ministry of defense: besides being indispensable for intervening in case of need, the cameras in- stalled in public areas also act as an effective deterrent against threats and aggressive behavior, theft and acts of smuggling.